"Sara Isakovic"

Sara Isakovic is a full time student and an exotic dancer. She began work in her hometown, but recently started driving two hours to Louisville, Kentucky to dance after a family friend saw her working and told her parents. Isakovic is proud of the work she does, but knows that her parents do not approve, she keeps her work a secret from them. In the future, Isakovic plans to use her degree to open her own club where she can use her experience to help her build the business. "Being on stage just makes me feel really good," said Isakovic. "I just feel like all eyes are on me."

"Sierra Cooper"

Sierra Cooper is a mom and she's sold used panties and performed camming*. While being a mother is the most important aspect of her life, Cooper thinks it's important to remember her autonomy as a human being. Following the birth of her son, Cooper suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety. To combat this, Cooper joined a secret Facebook group for moms to discuss their sexuality. 

*camming -- performing sexual acts on a webcam for an audience.

"Sierra Cooper"

Through the group, Cooper found panty selling and took the opportunity to not only have a "dirty little secret" but to bring in a bit of extra income. She and her husband, after deliberation and research, decided to pursue camming with an alter ego and other measures to protect their identities. Eventually, the work became taxing and the two found it difficult to separate work and their own intimacy and decided to end their work in the sex industry. 

"Kelly Moore"

Kelly Moore is a full-time student with a full-time job and she sells niche photos of herself with the help of her boyfriend. Moore knew her body type was a fetish for some men and realized she could capitalize her body type. She's always been interested in online sex work as a means of expression and supplemental income. However, the stigma around sex work makes her frightened for her future. "If somebody were to recognize me in my future job for what I am doing now, that would not be good," said Moore.