Lily Estella Thompson

I am a photographer currently based just outside Nashville, TN. I work full time as a product photographer for Journeys contributing to their e-commerce and marketing photography with a small team of kick a** photographers. 

I graduated from Western Kentucky University with degrees in photojournalism and political science. Through my studies, I've learned and practiced how to utilize visual storytelling as a way to learn about the world, other people and myself.  From being with a home-birth midwife to a family of refugees to rodeo cowboys, I've seen and experienced the power of connecting people through storytelling.  

I've been recognized by Hearst, College Photographer of the Year, the Kentucky News Photographers Association, and the Associated Collegiate Press. I interned with the Center for Gifted Studies and the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, two nonprofits focused on gifted education both nationally and internationally. I was also  a 2021 recipient of the Reinke Grant for Visual Storytelling through Boyd’s Station, where I spent the summer documenting Harrison County, Ky. for Project 306.36. In addition, my personal work on the COVID-19 pandemic was featured in the South X Southeast gallery “Love, Loss, and Resilience” in 2020.

I've attended the Mountain Workshops four times, once as a Labbie (1, 2, 3...labbie love!), twice as a photojournalism participant and once virtually. During my time at WKU, I worked for three and a half years with the Talisman magazine and website as a photographer and photo editor.  More of my other commercial work has included camera operating, light directing, and editing for a local video production company, product photography and videography for a multi-million dollar online boutique and dozens of weddings, graduations, birthday parties and events.  

When I'm not taking photos, you can find me in my garden, on a hike or reading in a hammock somewhere. I have three fat tabby cats that all look alike and one big ol' doggo who looks a lot tougher than he is.  

Photo by James Year


Open to endeavors, collaborations and adventures. Or you can just say hi. 

Lily Estella Thompson

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